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Longhaired Whippet Breeders

Please note: The inclusion of a breeder on this website does not constitute endorsement or recommendation of that breeder by the ILWC, or a guarantee of the health or quality of any dogs they produce. The ILWC is a registering body, and has no authority over the actions of individual breeders. It is the responsibility of potential buyers to research and question various breeders in making any puppy buying decisions.



Kennel Name/Breeder

Available Litters

(see Litters page for details)

Kennel Name/Breeder

Available Litters

Ardmoor Farms
Donna & Rick Jones
Tennessee USA

Brise Charmante

Carola VanWetten


Aurai Sighthounds

Emily Conklin

New York USA


Callanish Sighthounds

Eva & Hans Peter Kraehenbuehl

Stadel, Switzerland

Celeritas Sighthounds

Claire Hartwell

Oregon USA


Conquest of Heart

Isabelle Fahrni


Claybrook Farm
Michelle Henninger
Pennsylvania USA


Hildidan Hounds
Candy Gaiser
California USA




Beth Shapiro
Pennsylvania USA

Sonata Sighthounds

Polly Hornberger

Pennsylvania USA

Litter due

December 2016


Stone House Sighthounds
Sidney Hoblit

Pennsylvania USA

Litter planned for 2017


Tova Sighthounds

Jean MacKenzie

New Hampshire USA



   & Lightfall Kennels

Sue Nichols

New York USA




Donna DeVoist & Norman Wylde

New York USA






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